How Could You?!


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Dear Mrs. DuBois,

Hello my name is Khristine. I enjoyed reading How Could You? I thought it was very interesting and entertaining. I think some people may relate to her situation. Although many might not have the same problem as her I think people can really see the similarities in how they feel and act. I think every teen feels this way and acts childish because they donít agree with their parents and later they realize that how they acted wasnít needed. Something else I think people can relate to is the friendship. This story really shows how best friends are supposed to act by always supporting each other through any problem.

This story gave me many messages on how important it is to have friends and when you know that they are your best friends you should always be there for them. This story showed me the consequences on what will happen if you donít wait until you are married with the right person who cares about you the most. I think they can see similar things like the gossip in this story and how people are jealous of each other.

This story taught me so much about abortion. I hadnít known that those things can happen. This story was also very humorous. I think everyone has a Stacey moment when they are clumsy and cause things that werenít supposed to happen. I think boys and girls can relate when they act differently in front of someone they like or want to impress them. I think though many people wonít admit that they do certain things in front of company.

At first I thought I knew everything that will happen in this story by it didnít. I thought it was going to be boring but it was actually really fun to read I didnít like when stopped and had to type something out about the chapter. I hope you make a sequel to this story.

Your friend,