How Could You?!


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Dear Ms DuBois,

Hi I am Josh one of the twelve people that have been writing to you from Ms. Ks class about your story How Could You?. I am just writing to tell you how great your story was I was really happy to read and then write what I thought about it. In the beginning I thought that this book was going to be boring but once I read that first chapter I was excited to read on to the next chapter. Also the problems that you put in the story were true to a lot of people because they can rate to those situations about their friends getting pregnant and also their mothers to. I am sorry that I did not explain fully myself I am a eighth grader who loves to read books and for this one to catch my eye it had to be amazing for me to read because I am a picky reader and I do hope that you make a part two of this book.


Josh C.