How Could You?!


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“The story fit to anyones life in some moments.”

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“HOW COULD YOU!? has been one of the best books I have read.”

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Dear Mrs. Dottie DuBois

I really enjoyed reading your story How could You?  I think it was really interesting. What I mostly liked was the themes in each chapter. In most chapters I saw the same themes like growing pains and friendships but there were some chapters  with themes like encountering obstacles and making  a decision like when Kathy had to chose between keeping her baby or not.  I also like how a lot of people relate to this story like in the beginning of the story I could relate when Stacey barely finds out about her mother’s pregnancy and she feels like she doesn’t want another baby around in her house. I felt like that when I had found out about my mom being pregnant and how it made me feel just like how Stacey feels. I was wondering why you changed your title from Mother How Could You? To How Could You? because those were the last words in the story. I was also curious about what inspired you to write this outstanding story? Did you ever have a friend names Stacey or Kathy? Or did you just write this story from the top of your head? Did you try to write this to someone in particular or just anyone? I would like to read any other books you would have. Some parts of the story were pretty depressing like when Kathy didn’t know what to do with her baby either to have sn abortion or keep it. It was pretty distressing for Kathy because she knew that if she kept her baby she would have to lease the house and she was also having problems with her boyfriend. I think everyone could understand why Kathy was crying throughout the story because she knew her parents didn’t want another baby in the house because she already knew that she had to start college and she was going to end up taking care of the baby because her mother wouldn’t be 100 percent after her labor. I think the reason she didn’t want another baby she would have a lot of responsibility. Also later on in the chapter she finds a guy who was her prom date and they end up being good friends and decide to keep things just as friends. They met because he was one of Stacey’s brother Allen’s friends and usually his friends would stay for dinner and that’s when Allen introduced Jim into the Daniels family. Jim still had to finish college and Stacey was barely starting college so they both knew that just being friends would be the best for both of them. At the end of the story Diane had… Stacey reaction was probably shocked because her last words we “Mother how could you”? I think that the triumph of the spirit theme in a story should always be the last because stories should have a triumphant ending. Overall this was a very upright story that I would recommend to anybody to read. I also look forward to reading another one of these amazing stories of yours.


Carlos M.

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I really enjoyed reading your book “How Could You”, I really got hooked on the book and I was always excited to find out what would happen next in the story. I would always read ahead when Mrs. K told me not to. Since the day my teacher assigned us to read the story I got hooked with the catchy introduction and I wasn’t disappointed when I read the book. This book is honestly one of the best books I have read. I would really want to see a sequel or another book like it written.

It really gave a feeling of suspense in the last chapter. I kept guessing and I was never right I always felt mad when Emma would bully Stacey and when Kathy would feel sad because of her pregnancy. I would feel sorry for her as well. I would laugh when Stacey would mess up in front of Jim.

I would feel I really enjoyed the ending surprise when Diane had twins. For the entire chapter I thought Stacey’s worst nightmare was actually her mother, Diane having ….. The plot was very good and really enjoyed all the twists that the story had. I would totally recommend this book to people such as friends, sibling, cousins, and other people. In my opinion would give this book a 9. I saw small grammer mistakes like not using an apostrophe and sometimes a sentence would not make sense. And in the second chapter I had no idea what anyone was talking about. But other than that I would give the story a perfect 10.

I think the message of the book is to not have premarital sex. It really should how the pregnancy changed Kathy’s life completely. She was a senior about to go to college to a mother. She missed out on a lot of the things you would of have enjoyed if she weren’t pregnant. It also showed how much you suffer for making one Kathy to give up her baby.

This book deserves to be published because it was a great story. The storyline always made you guess what was going to happen, as a good book always should. The characters were believable as these stories happen all the time in our world. This book I enjoyed reading every minute of the story and was hooked on the story from beginning to the ending and I will always remember this book in my life as one of the best I ever read.


Edwardo  O.

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Dear Ms DuBois,

Hi I am Josh one of the twelve people that have been writing to you from Ms. K’s class about your story How Could You?. I am just writing to tell you how great your story was I was really happy to read and then write what I thought about it. In the beginning I thought that this book was going to be boring but once I read that first chapter I was excited to read on to the next chapter. Also the problems that you put in the story were true to a lot of people because they can rate to those situations about their friends getting pregnant and also their mothers to. I am sorry that I did not explain fully myself I am a eighth grader who loves to read books and for this one to catch my eye it had to be amazing for me to read because I am a picky reader and I do hope that you make a part two of this book.


Josh C.

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“I had a great time reading your story. It made me feel like I was right there in the story.”

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Dear Dottie Dubois,

Your story was amazing! I loved your book so much and it taught me a lot about abortions. I think this book will teach other people about abortions too. I really enjoyed the book it had me in suspense! I felt like I was living what Stacey was living. You explained everything so well, so it was all clear to me. I understood how every character was feeling. It really inspired me to help my close friends when they have problems and to not be fake to them. I also realized when you make drama out of something that shouldn’t even be making a big deal you look dumb and you people get really annoyed of you. Emma was very annoying to me and she got mad at the dumbest things ever.

It really inspired me that you make as book out of scratch. It inspired me to do what I really like and if I try my hardest it could get where I want to be in life. I also thought it was cool that my teacher knew someone who had the patients to write a great book. I really thank you for letting us read your book before it was published. I could really relate to your book, and its just amazing how you could make a really good book out of nothing. It really amazes me. I hope your book sells and a lot of people get to read this mind changing book.

Mrs. K was talking to the class about how you changes the title of the book from “Mother, how could you?! to “How could you”. I think the title would sound better if you kept it as “Mother, how could you?! Because it just makes sense how in the end of the story the mother has …. I also think it will attract more people because they will think to themselves, well what could a mother possibly do to her daughter to get her so mad. I think you would get more people to buy it.

Your book is truly amazing and I would like to thank you for letting my class read it. I hope it becomes a known book. God bless you.


Julianne O

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Dear Mrs. DuBois,

Hello my name is Khristine. I enjoyed reading How Could You? I thought it was very interesting and entertaining. I think some people may relate to her situation. Although many might not have the same problem as her I think people can really see the similarities in how they feel and act. I think every teen feels this way and acts childish because they don’t agree with their parents and later they realize that how they acted wasn’t needed. Something else I think people can relate to is the friendship. This story really shows how best friends are supposed to act by always supporting each other through any problem.

This story gave me many messages on how important it is to have friends and when you know that they are your best friends you should always be there for them. This story showed me the consequences on what will happen if you don’t wait until you are married with the right person who cares about you the most. I think they can see similar things like the gossip in this story and how people are jealous of each other.

This story taught me so much about abortion. I hadn’t known that those things can happen. This story was also very humorous. I think everyone has a Stacey moment when they are clumsy and cause things that weren’t supposed to happen. I think boys and girls can relate when they act differently in front of someone they like or want to impress them. I think though many people won’t admit that they do certain things in front of company.

At first I thought I knew everything that will happen in this story by it didn’t. I thought it was going to be boring but it was actually really fun to read I didn’t like when stopped and had to type something out about the chapter. I hope you make a sequel to this story.

Your friend,


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“I could imagine everything that was happening in my head.  In every chapter was a lesson taught and learned.”

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Over the last few weeks my class and I read your book “How could You?. In my opinion, it was amazing!  I don’t remember a boring part. You captured the attitude of a teenager perfectly. Everything was so clear in my head it was like watching a reality show. Whenever I would read a chapter of your book I wanted to read the next one, just to see what was going to happen next. As I read this book it certainly had me thinking, about how things don’t always go the way you want, and if you choose to have premarital sex be very careful. Our teacher was telling us about how the first title for the story was “Mother How Could You? Personally I like “How Could You” I think the first one is a little to reviling. You are truly an amazing author!